Development History

Development History

Development History:

 In 1996, the Bangke Computer Technology Application Research Institute in Huangshi City was officially established

 In 1997, the intelligent detection and optimization assembly microcomputer system for passenger (freight) vehicle bearing journals was awarded the National Key New Product Certificate

 In 2001, the company was awarded the title of Advanced Private Enterprise in Huangshi City

 In 2004, it was changed to Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd

 In 2005, garden style units in Huangshi City

 In 2007, the standardized information management network information system software for agricultural machinery safety supervision was awarded a major scientific and technological achievement in Hubei Province

 In 2007, awarded the Honorary Certificate of Commendation by the Construction Headquarters of Shanghai South Station of Shanghai Railway Bureau

 In 2007, the Dynamic Image Detection System for Truck Operation Faults (TFDS-1) was awarded the National Key New Product Certificate

 In 2008, the Dynamic Image Detection System for Truck Operation Faults (TFDS-1) won the Huangshi City Science Progress Award

 In 2008, obtained the honorary certificate of "Worker Pioneer" from the Huangshi Federation of Trade Unions

 In 2008, Huangshi Enterprise Engineering Technology Center

 In 2009, won the Excellent Cooperation Award for the Beijing Railway Passenger Dedicated Line EMU Maintenance Base

 In 2009, it received special support from the National Development and Reform Commission for the "Special Investment Fund for Key Industry Revitalization and Technological Transformation"

 In 2009, Hubei Province's growth roadmap for technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises focused on cultivating enterprises

 In 2009, the special fund for the information industry in Hubei Province focused on supporting 30 independent innovation enterprises

 In 2009, the most promising investment enterprise in Hubei Province

 In 2009, a pilot unit for the construction of innovative enterprises in Hubei Province

 In 2009, Hubei Province listed as a backup enterprise

 In 2009, Huangshi City Harmonious Labor Relations Enterprise

 In 2010, the "TG-Z Centralized Control Interlocking Electric Derailer System" achieved significant scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province

 In 2010, advanced collective in labor competition

 In 2011, Huangshi Key Industry Innovation Team

 In 2011, awarded the Honorary Certificate of "Excellent Supplier" in the Guangzhou Rail Transit Engineering Competition Area of the Ten Projects Labor Competition in Guangdong Province

 In 2011, the railway locomotive and vehicle storage and dispatch management system was awarded the first batch of IoT demonstration and promotion projects development special projects by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance of China

 In 2015, 45 products of the company passed the review and recognition of China Railway Corporation

 In 2016, the Bangke brand intelligent three-dimensional library produced by Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd. was a famous brand product in Hubei

 In 2019, Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the honorary title of the 20th Hubei Province Excellent Enterprise (Golden Crane Award)

 In 2019, the credit rating of Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd. was rated AAA by the China Enterprise Evaluation Association

 In 2020, Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd. won the Top 10 Logistics Technology Equipment Service Providers at the 2020 2021 China E-commerce Logistics Awards

 In 2021, Huang Shibang Ke was recognized as the third batch of specialized, refined, and new "Little Giant" enterprises at the provincial level in 2021

 In 2022, the company was rated as a reserve gold seed enterprise for listing in Hubei Province in 2022 and 2023