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The automatic stereoscopic warehouse
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Advantages of the products for the automatic stereoscopic warehouse:
1 High speed operation;
2 Simplification of operation 
3 The diversification of product storage selection  
4 Full and effective use of space 
5 Highly reduced time for loading and unloading goods  
6 Quick and accurate for inventory maintenance and repair 
Composition of the AutomaticStereoscopic Warehouse
The automatic stereoscopic warehouse is composed of high-rise shelves, a roadway stacking crane, a rail stacking machine, a conveying system, an automatic control system, a computer warehouse management system and a peripheral equipment, which realizes automatic storage for the entering and outing of the assembly unit goods. It is widely used in the purchasing parts of large-scale production enterprises, warehouse of finished products, large circulation centers in the field of the circulation, distribution centers, etc。
The Type of High LayerShelf for the Automatic Stereoscopic Warehouse 
A-There are two basic types for the shelf of the automatic stereoscopic warehouse: weldedshelf and combined-type shelf。
Welded shelf: A special industrial device is adopted for the assembling and welding of the rectangular tubeto ensure high precision. The process of acid washing and phosphate removing rust spraying is adopted to ensure beauty. The advanced design and installation are adopted to ensure high load capacity and good stability。
Combined-type shelf:The continuous rolling method is adopted for the vertical column and beam, which is of high productivity.Site assembly, assembly, transportation are convenient。
B- According to the different access goods, it can be divided into two types: pallet shelf and stock box。
C- According to the different loading structures, it can be divided into two types: beam shelf and bull leg shelf。
There are other types, such as curved rail and gravity-type shelves。
The advantages of the automatic stereoscopic warehouse:The AS/RS system is composed of shelves, a conveyor, a stacker, a handling equipment, a unit storage appliance and a computer management software, etc. Its characteristic is to make full use of space, realize high-speed operation, and the operation is simple. The automatic stereoscopic warehouse of AS/RS has high requirements for the processing precision, installation requirements and earthquake resistance of the shelves. A number of automatic warehouse shelves have built in Ningde and the highest shelf is up to 22.5 meters, which has rich experience in designing, manufacturing and installing for such shelves, and a group of high quality teams have been trained。
Automatic stereoscopic warehouse applies for industries such as:the machinery manufacturing industry, the electronics industry, the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, the printing and publishing industry, the textile industry, the securities industry, the food and transportation services industry。
Service content: The company contracts for the overall design, equipment design, manufacture, installation, commissioning and after-sale service of the automatic stereoscopic warehouse and provides all aspects of three-dimensional services。
The quality factor of stacker key: Stacking cargo fork
Bangke stack frame fork has the following characteristics:
The material is of high quality and the process is advanced. Through 100 thousand life test, the operation is balance and the noise is low
Technical specification: Rated load: 500~1500kg
Expansion speed:Maximum 50 m / min
Electronic components: International brand products
Note: The stacker is an indispensable part of the automatic stereoscopic warehouse. We provide a full set of the automatic stereoscopic warehouse, but do not sell the stacker separately.
The benefits thatcan be brought by enterprises from using the automatic stereoscopic warehouse are as follows:
1、Promotion of Storage。Enterprises are seeking how to maximize their efficiency with lowest production cost while facing the fact that land costs are increasing day by day. Due to the reduction of the usable land and the strict control by national laws and policies, enterprises are facing the difficultythat land is dwindling, which requires companies to store more finished products based on the original warehouses to increase enterprise’s storage. So the automatic stereoscopic warehouse can meet the production demand of the enterprise. Usually the quantity of plastic pallet racks in an automatic stereoscopicwarehouse is more than 10000, which will increase the storage rate by 30% compared to traditional shelve。
 2、Intelligent Operation。Advanced computer processing system is adopted for the automatic stereoscopicwarehouse, together with shuttle cars and plastic pallets for handling the translocation of goods, with which operations can be done according to different requests from every enterprise warehouse, first-in first-out or last in last out method can be used. Meanwhile, the automatic stereoscopicwarehouse can improve the management of science and regulate material level for us. We can also reduce the error rate in the whole process of the warehouse management through the computer control, and effectively use the capacity of the storage spacethrough the computer management。
Our Advantages
All our products and their designs have passed the ISO9001 standard, the manufacturing and installation are in accordance with European standardsFEM9.831,meanwhile we comply with the relevant requirements and the domestic related standards, such as:
Serial numberproject national and industry code
1 Shelf design and manufacture JB/T5323-1991“Technical Conditions of the Shelf for the Welded Steel Structure oftheStereoscopic Warehouse
Q/320104HDJ-02-2009“‘Combined-typeSteel Shelf ’of Nanjing HuadeCompanyStandard ”
JB/T9018-1999“Design Code for the Warehouse of Railroad Laneway High-level Shelf”
FEM10.2.02 “‘Design Code of Steel Structure Shelf ’of European Material Handling Association”
CECS23∶90 “Design Code of Steel Structure Shelf”
GB50017-2003“Design Code of Steel Structure”
GB50205-2001“Acceptance Code of Construction Quality of Steel Structure Engineering”
2 Shelf Installation JB/T9018-1999, Q/320104HDJ-02-2009
3 Shelf Acceptance JB/T9018-1999, Q/320104HDJ-02-2009
4 Shelf Surface Treatment GB/T6807-2001 “Technical Conditions for Phosphating Treatment of Steel Workpiece before Coating”
GB/T9286-1998 “Paints and varnishes-cross-cut test”
GB6807-86“Standard for surface coating treatment”
5 Steelcomes from domesticlarge iron and steel enterprises
6 Jointing Bolt GB/T1231-2006 “Technical Conditions for High Strength Six Angle Head Bolts and Gaskets for Steel Structure”
7 Strength Design JB/T 5323-91
8 Package Simple rain proof package suitable for long transportation
9 Transportation typeby truck
Service Commitments
Warranty Period: Lifetime Warranty
After-sales service terms within and without the warranty period:
Production implementation guarantees:
1、To guarantee that the main profiles of the shelf are manufactured by cold-formed rolling mill, the automatic punching machine, the bending machine and such professional equipment from Bangke Co. Ltd., which are inspected by testing equipment and instruments accordingly;
2、The welding place, such as the base, is carried out referring to the national standardto ensure that the weld seam is uniform, solid without the phenomenon of the loose welding, rosin welding;
3、Surface pretreatment and spraying of the shelf and its integral accessories are finished on the flow line of the advanced automatic spraying, the process is: Derusting-derosination-dry-electrostatic spraying-dry-packing &inspection and storage, the coating quality complies with the standard of GB9628。
Installation implementation guarantees:
1、We promise that our engineering management personnel are all experienced in the similar acceptance working, and have engaged in field management for more than 7 years。
2、The Construction team and constructors should have the corresponding qualification required for construction, such as lifting, electrical, computer and so on。
3、Obey rules and regulations of the buyer on the construction site, obedience to the buyer's field management。
Products Delivery Guarantees:
1、The materials adopted for the shelf are provided by five big steel mills of Maanshan Steel Corporation, Anshan Steel Corporation, Capital Steel Corporation and Wuhan Iron and Steel Corporation, the material model is SS400 or Q235
2、The shelf is fixed onto the ground with bulging bolts, the strength grade of the bolt is 8.8, which can ensure the stability of the shelf;
3、The shelf surface is done with electrostatic spraying of thermosetting epoxy resin powder after pickling and phosphorylation, the electrostatic spray adhesion reaches up to grade 0 of GB6739-86, the thickness of the surface spraying coat should be up to 60~80μm, paint hardness (wear resistance)is more than 100 times than that of spray nitro paint, which can reach 2H of the standardGB6739-86;
4、Quality of surface spraying: Spraying is uniform, no flow mark, unwrinkled orange peel, no bubbles or impurities, the color is uniform and consistent;
5、Welding Quality: Free from bubbles, dregs, and slag, smooth surface;
6、Simple packing of rain proof and anti-collision shall be done before leaving the factory to ensure that the surface is in good condition;
7、Straightness of each row of shelves should be within the range ±5mm after installation, the crossbeam height of the shelves in the whole warehouse should be the same, and crossbeams are firmly jointed with the column without sloshing。

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