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Railway Intelligent Security Detection System
Date:2018-04-01 source:// click:
The railway intelligent security detection system is thatthe factors around the railway which may have an effect on railway transportation are detected, calculated and warned by using kinds of security monitoring equipment distributed alongside the railway to ensure the safety of the railway transportation. With this system, the transportation efficiency has increased, and the vehicle running has been effectively secured。

System topology
System Advantages
Railway Intelligent Security Detection System

This monitoring system adopts a system mode that the front-end monitoring system collects detective signals and the rear-end management analysis system analyzes the collected signals。
1、Monitoring the real-time safety conditions of the railway line within the jurisdictional area through the front-end monitoring equipment, meanwhile the monitoring equipment needs to intelligently judge the situation of rockfall or the foreign objects invasion on the railway line. When the rockfall or other objects which effect the safety for train running enter the railway precautionary area, the monitoring equipment is triggered to send out a warning signal, which will be shown on the screen, and the sound light alarm is triggered to remind the persons on duty of a front alarm event, then the persons on duty can confirm the field situation through the video equipment and judge whether it is necessary to inform the travelling train in thejurisdictional area to make an emergency stop. The warning related information will all be reported to the relevant leaders of the Railway Administration, so that the leaders of the relevant departments can issue a command on excluding the disaster。
2、Alarm information and real-time videos are saved in the monitorhost for checking at any time when necessary.The videos and alarm information can be saved for about a month。
3、When the internet is connected to the monitor center, the extranet for authorized users can visit the centralized monitoring host through the customized mobile client or computer client, which can let the relevant leaders master railway information immediately. When disaster occurs, the site disaster situation can be checked remotely, such as to make a construction plan for excluding disaster in time, and each construction schedule can be caught in real time。
4、The monitoring system is required to meet twenty-four hours of the continuous monitoring, and work in harsh weather, such as wind and rain, thunderstorm, fog and frost, during the normal working hours of the system, and avoid the phenomenon of failure to report, as well as reducing the misinformation caused by human as far as possible。

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