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  The material bank was formally put into use at the Chengdu R 2018-04-01
  The sixth issue of “Bangke Technology” was publishedoffic 2018-04-01
  Acceptance of TGQ set controlled interlocking electric derai 2018-04-01
  Acceptance of the battery carrier in Xining vehicle section 2018-04-01
  Railway Intelligent Security Detection System 2018-04-01
  The automatic stereoscopic warehouse 2018-04-01
  The bearing testing conveyor line equipment produced by our 2018-04-01

Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd.  黄石邦柯科技股份有限公司
Headquarter Address: No. 194,Hangzhou West Road, Huangshi, Hubei Province
Address of Production BaseinJiangbei: No.10 Xinggang Avenue, Luwei Village, Jiangbei, Management Area,Huangshi Port District,Huangshi