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Microcomputer controlled automatic selection system for bearing inspecting machine (set [1996] 72).
TG-B type electric derailer (No. 1999) 222
SF-B type wireless remote control electronic controlled wind test equipment ([1999] 222).
TJZ-220 type bolster round spring height automatic detection machine (optional operation Tubing Inspection ([1999] No. 411)
Loading and running machine for passenger car wheel bearing ([HHT] [2002] 008].
WK-F8 type electric control equipment maintenance vehicle test-bed (Zhou Chengku) (transport tubing inspection [2004] No. 108)
Wheel dimensions measuring system (pipe carrying test [2004] No. 108)
Intelligent detection system (optional bearing diameter pipe carrying test [2004] No. 108)
Microcomputer controlled single car tester (mobile and fixed) (transport tubing inspection [2004] No. 108)
CJZ-I type wheel shaft automatic detection (pipe carrying test [2004] No. 417)
The automatic detection system of KGZ-01 type roller bearings (transport tubing inspection [2004] No. 417)
HIMS stage application system, V0.1 version of work level (loaded truck [2004] 453).
ZWJC-BK-01 type cross rod assembly positioning and position detection is Taiwan (pipe carrying test [2005] No. 254)
EMU parts of intelligent stereo storehouse and logistics management system (pipe carrying test [2006] No. 161)
Prototype of train braking test device ([2006] 222).
Filter screen cleaning machine (transport tubing inspection [2007] No. 523)
EMU cartridge cleaning machine (transport tubing inspection [2007] No. 523)
F8 valve test bench (microcomputer pipe carrying test [2008] No. 348)
104 valve test bench (microcomputer pipe carrying test [2008] No. 348)
Brake hose pressure test (Feng Shui pipe carrying test [2008] No. 348)
Unit brake cylinder test bench (pipe carrying test [2008] No. 348)
Brake valve spring tester (pipe carrying test [2008] No. 348)
Multi valve test rig (pipe carrying test [2008] No. 348)
Passenger rail side fault detection system (TVDS) (transport tubing inspection [2009] No. 756)
Railway vehicle equipment management information system (EMIS) (transport tubing inspection [2009] No. 763)
Water reuse equipment filter cleaning (transport tubing inspection [2010] No. 785)
Automatic sand car (transport tubing inspection [2010] No. 785)
The head car repair platform (transport tubing inspection [2010] No. 785)
TFDS-2T type vehicle fault detection system (rail side pipe carrying test [2010] No. 911)
The infrared stopped bearing fault intelligent judgment system (pipe carrying test [2011] No. 498)
TGQ type control interlock electric derailer system (pipe carrying test [2011] No. 97)

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