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HuangshiBangke Technology Co., Ltd., which was founded in 2004(Its predecessor is Huangshi Bangke Institute of Computer Technology Applications, which was founded in 1996 ) has focused on the application of intelligent automation technology, laser image detection and identification technology and logistics equipment technology for a long time. It is committed to research and development design, production and sales, maintenance services for the railway intelligent safety monitoring system, railway inspection and maintenance automation system, warehousing and logistics automation system, system integrating control software, which becomes the special set of intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprise for the safe operation guarantee of the railway locomotive, vehicle and train. Company products are widely used for the eighteen national railway organizations (companies), local railway transportation companies, urban rail transit operating companies, the enterprises that are directly subordinated to China Southern Railway Group and North Railway Group and the railway locomotive vehicle parts enterprise. Some products are sold to overseas rail transit engineering projects with the help of the integrating advantages of China's railway industry, which successively participated in the construction of the related supporting equipment for the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Line, the Nanning Kunming Railway Line, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Line, six railway-speed-increasing, EMU Overhaul Base, bus and special car base, harmonious high-power locomotive maintenance base, Beijing Nankou SKF Railway Bearing Co. Ltd., Shenhua Group, Guangzhou Foshan Metro Projects, the FAW Car Co., Sany Heavy Industry Co., and other Transportation industries, and won a good reputation.
Honor and Performance:
    In 1997, it won the national key new product certificate for the intelligent inspection of bearing journal of passenger (cargo) car and the optimized assembly microcomputer system.
    In 2001, it won the advanced private enterprises in Huangshi.
    In 2005, it won the Huangshi garden style unit.
    In 2007, it won the major scientific and technological achievements in Hubei Province for the information system software of the information management network for the standardization of agricultural machinery safety supervision.
    In 2007, it won the honor certificate of the commendation for the engineering construction headquarters of the Shanghai South Railway Station in Shanghai Railway Bureau.
    In 2007, it won the national key new product certificate for the dynamic image detection system for operation fault of the trucks (TFDS-1).
    In 2008, it won the Huangshi scientific progress award for the dynamic image detection system for operation fault of the trucks (TFDS-1).
    In 2008, it won the honorary certificate for the "Pioneer Worker " of the Huangshi federation of trade unions.
    In 2008, Huangshi Enterprise Engineering Technology Center.
    In 2009, it won the excellent cooperation award for maintenance base of Beijing railway passenger dedicated line.
    In 2009, it got the special support of "Key industry revitalization and technical transformation special investment funds" of the National Development and Reform Commission.
    In 2009, it won the key cultivation enterprise of the growth roadmap plan for the science and technology type medium and small enterprises in Hubei province.
    In 2009, it won 30 independent innovation enterprises of the key support for the information industry special funds in Hubei province.
    In 2009, it won the highest investment potential enterprise in Hubei province.
    In 2009, it won the pilot unit for the construction of innovative enterprises in Hubei province.
    In 2009, it won the listed back-up enterprises in Hubei province.
    In 2009, it won the harmonious enterprise of labor relations in Huangshi.
    In 2010 , it won the major scientific and technological achievements for the "TG - Z integrated control and interlocking electric derailment system" in Hubei Province.
    In 2010, it won the advanced collective of the labor competition.
    In 2011, it won the key industry innovation team in Huangshi.
    In 2011, it won the honorary certificate of "excellent supplier" in the Guangzhou rail transit engineering competition area of 10 engineering labor competitions in Guangdong province.
    In 2011, it won the development special award of the first networking demonstration project, which was promoted by the Ministry of Industry and Information and the Ministry of Finance for the scheduling management system for the storage vehicle of the railway vehicle.



Huangshi Bangke Technology Co., Ltd.  黄石邦柯科技股份有限公司
Headquarter Address: No. 194,Hangzhou West Road, Huangshi, Hubei Province
Address of Production BaseinJiangbei: No.10 Xinggang Avenue, Luwei Village, Jiangbei, Management Area,Huangshi Port District,Huangshi